Serbia postpone national selection due to political reasons

The Serbian broadcaster, RTS, announced this evening that their national selection, Beovizja, has been postponed due to the political situation with Kosovo, that Sunday declared themselves independent from Serbia.

Through several months there has been a tense situation in Kosovo as it was only a matter of time before they would declare themselves independent. The civil war which let to Yugoslavia falling apart is still fresh in mind and everyone was fearing that this could make it blow up again as Serbia does not recognize it. They lost Montenegro and the big question is if they can hold on to Kosovo without a fight.

Serbians are protesting against an independent Kosovo, both those who live in the actual region, but also in Belgrade are people demonstrating their frustrations and anger. It is those demonstrations, which now makes it necessary to postpone the Serbian national selection. But the deadline for submitting a song a to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest ends in less than a month and it is therefore assumed that it will only be for a short time.

The international society is split when it comes to Kosovo being independent as several countries have their own fears to what can happen. Spain does not want to recognize it, as they fear that it will be hard for them to hold on to the Basque region and Cyprus has plenty of problems already with the Greek – Turk situation.

Countries like France, Germany, Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom are all expected to give their official support to an independent Kosovo within the next couple of days.

Despite the Balkan history, most seem to believe that the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest should not be in danger. It is two months ahead and the civil war being so fresh in memory should mean that the nation has simply had enough of violence for a long time. But all seems to depend on how far Serbia is willing to go in order to hold on to Kosovo.

In my view

The Serbians are proud to be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest and though the feel that a part of their country is being taken from them this proudness will mean that the Contest should not be in danger. Give them a week or two and things will have calmed down.

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