Sámiid Ædnan adopted by British football fans

28 years after finishing near the bottom of the scoreboard at the Eurovision Song Contest the Norwegian entry Sámiid Ædnan by Sverre Kjelsberg & Mattis Hætta has now been adopted by football supporters in England.

Sámiid Ædnan didn’t do well at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest, but the song in Sami still became quite a big hit in Norway. At a few occations it has been used by Norwegian football fans and now supporters from Accrington Stanley FC has giving it a new life in England.

The club, which is based in Lancashire in North England, is currently playing in The Football League Two, which is the third and lowest division in the league system in England. Last season they ended 20th, but despite the not so good results they still have fans abroad. It was a group of 8-10 Norwegian supporters, which came to England to watch one of their matches that started singing the Norwegian entry for the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest. The local fans fell in love with the tune and since that they have been using it at stadium to cheer up their heroes.

Mattis Hætta is a big fan of English football himself and is enthusiatic about Sámiid Ædnan being used as a football supporter song in the land that is said to have invented the football game as we know it in Europe. “For me personally it is extremely fun that such an old song is being used as a football song. The English fans must have liked it since they have adopted it", Mattis Hætta says to NRK.

Mel Mackie from Accrington Stanley FC’s support club says that the English fans love Sámiid Ædnan. He describes it as being because “it is a great tune and the beat it at the top”. He tells that the Norwegian fans have been visiting the club the past four seasons. Mattis Hætta might just come himself one day although Arsenal is his favourite English club. He is wondering though whether or not their fans might have adopted it as well.

Sámiid Ædnan didn’t do well at the Eurovision Song Contest, but the song is considered a classic amomg many fans. Time will tell if it gets a long life as a football supporter song.

Below you can hear Accrington Stanley FC’s supporters sing the song and you can of course also watch Sverre Kjelsberg & Mattis Hætta’s performance from the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest.

In my view

This just proves that Eurovision songs DOES have a life outside the Contest. It is a great song which finally reaches the UK, but better late than never…  

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Source: Nrk.no/sami, EuroVisionary
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