Running Order For All Three Norwegian MGP Heats Announced

State broadcaster NRK has made public the running order in which the artists will take to the stage and perform their entries in the heats taking place on the 15th, 22nd and 29th of January. The shows are to be broadcast from Ørland, Florø and Skien respectively.

The running order for the 1st heat, Ørland 15th January is as follows, composers names in brackets:

Carina DahlGuns & Boys (Carina Dahl, Nanna Martorell, Hanne Sørvaag)
Use MeDaisy (Jim André Bergsted)
Helene BøksleVardlokk (Cecilie Larsen, Helene Bøksle, Sindre Hotvedt, Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
Sie GubbaAlt Du Vil Ha / Everything You Want (Magne Almås, Petter Øien)
Gatas Parlament – Jobbe Litt Mindre og Tjene Litt Mer / Work a Little Less, Earn a Little More (Gatas Parlament, Alex Molkom)
SichelleTrenger Mer / I Need More (Christine Dancke)
Åste & RikkeNot That Easy (Ah-åh-ah-åh) (Rikke Normann)
The running order for the 2nd heat, Florø 22nd January is as follows:

Pernille & MariusI’ll Be Yours (Ovi, Johanna Demker, Björn Djupström)
Babel FishDepend On Me (Tarjei van Ravens, Halvor Holter)
MarikaHungry For You (Gipsydance) (Marika Lejon)
Isabella Sand (Isabella Leroy)
EndreOh Oh (Puppy Love) (Samsaya Sharma, Jarl Aanestad)
Hanne SørvaagYou’re Like a Melody (Hanne Sørvaag)
Mimi BlixAllergic (Merethe La Verdi, Ketil Schei)

The running order for the 3rd heat, Skien 29th January is as follows:

SusperiaNothing Remains (Pål Mathiesen, Terje Andersen, Christian Hagen, Ian Kenneth Åkesson, Håkon Didriksen, Øyvind Mustaparta)
Noora NoorGone With The Wind (Simone Larsen, Moh Denebi, Jennifer Brown, Bjørn Djupström)
Girl HappySOS (Tor Einar Krogtoft-Jensen, Christoffer Bergersen)
Grethe Svendsen Like Dreamers Do (Simon Walker, Grethe Svendsen, Tommy Berre)
The Black SheepsDance Tonight (Agnete Johnsen, Emelie Nilsen)
Stella MwangiHaba Haba (Beyond51, Big City)
The Lucky BulletsFire Below (Knud Kleppe)

Keeping in line with the same format from previous years, the top 2 acts from each heat will be voted directly to the final, to be held on the 12th February in Oslo Spectrum, while the 2 other acts coming in 3rd and 4th place in each heat will go on to slug it out in the Final Chance heat to be broadcast from Sarpsborg on the 5th of February.

Source: NRK, EuroVisionary
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