ROMANIA: Elena Gheorghe Releases Video for the Final Version of “The Balkan Girls”

Immediately after she won the big Final in Romania, Elena Gheorghe and her team were prepared for intense rehearsals for the Moscow choreography and for The Balkan Girls video. Together with the TVR and CAT Music Production, they filmed the video for her song, The Balkan Girls.

The video is the new version for the song which will be interpreted by Elena in Moscow.

In the first location, three horses were used (one white for Elena, one brown and one black for the dancers). Being quite cold, the video director, Dragos Buliga, thought of giving the girls a warming cream. Elena wore a 5kg corset for ten hours, it was created by a French designer "Elie Eid". "I feel very, very easy now", said Elena in the moment that the corset was removed from her. For the scene that involved horses, Elena and two of the dancers took riding lessons, which was very difficult, but in the end they managed to beat their fear. During the shooting, Elena and her dancers wore five pairs of shoes by designers Corina Vladescu and Mihaela Glavan. The spectacular video frames were made by the director, Dragos Buliga, using cannon fire. During the shooting, Elena was held by her family (mother, father, sister and brother), and also her boyfriend, Cornel. Her grandmother prepared especially for the filming a traditional Macedonian pie with cheese, eggs and leeks, which proved popular among the staff present at the shooting.

Elena Gheorghe has also started her Promo tour, the first country visited was Germany. On 10th March, Elena was invited to take part at the International Tourism Fair in Berlin.

Elena Gheorghe she will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in the first  semifinal, which will take place on 12th May in Moscow (Russia), interpreting the song The Balkan Girls composed by Laurentiu Duta.

Source: TVR, CAT Music,
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