Reactions to the Victory in Azerbaijan

On Saturday night, Azerbaijan won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in their 4th competition, with Eldar and Nigar, known as Ell & Nikki, and their song, Running Scared. As the country won the competition, the media in Azerbaijan reacted very positively.

After the very first win of Azerbaijan, the victory was celebrated until the early morning everywhere in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Though it was around 4 a.m. in Azerbaijan when the contest came to an end, celebrations started in the streets of Azerbaijan and the Azeri TV channels broadcasted those moments live from the crowded squares around the country.

The day after the contest, many portals and news agencies in Azerbaijan pointed out the monumental task of hosting the contest next year in Azerbaijan. With this event, the  speculation that Azerbaijan will not be able to hold the contest successfully has ended and it became absolute that the country will be hosting the contest, most probably in the capital, Bakü.

It was reported that Georgian president, Michael Saakashvili, congratulated Azerbaijani president, İlham Aliev, for their success in the competition. It is also known that Mr. Aliev will host a special ceremony for the duo’s success in Bakü. On the other side, some of the news agencies such as APA, were looking at the victory from a magazines view, reporting that many new born babies have been named as Nigar and Eldar in Georgia. 

Below you can watch the winning performance from Ell and Nikki and you can also see the celebrations from Azerbaijan below:

Source: EuroVisionary
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