Oslo looks better in Spring for Jon Lilygreen

Jon Lilygreen’s rise from part-time pub performer in his native Wales to the Eurovision stage with an audience of millions would be what many singers dream of.  He appears to be taking it all in his stride.

The first Cypriot rehearsal was awaited by many, due to the fact Jon has been plucked from relative obscurity.  As we reported sometime ago, the song’s writers had been so impressed by an internet clip of him, they immediately knew he was the right person for the song.

The setting for this song is very simple.  No acrobatics, no wind machines, no dry ice.  He’s dressed as the teenager he is would dress – T-shirt. white shirt and blue jeans, just strumming away on his acoustic guitar.  The multi-national Islanders – two backing vocalists (one male, one female), drummer, guitarist and pianist are all in black.  The setting is similarly simple, with a basic fabric backdrop and the spotlight on Jon.  we saw some interesting camera angles, particularly when a shot has the camera zooming in on him, through two large TV screens set high up in the Arena.

The whole package works, as this is a song that doesn’t need drama.  It’s just a teenager singing to a loved one on his guitar.  It deserves to make the final

Source: Eurovisionary.com
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