NRK Deluged With Potential Entries

Norwegian broadcaster, NRK, opened their search for next year’s Eurovision merely weeks after the triumphant production from Oslo. With only five days to go until the submission deadline comes to a close, any last minute stragglers had better get their skates on!

Programme hosts Per Sundnes and Anne Rimmen are delighted with the response, claiming they have been inundated with entries. Even though they have yet to begin opening and sifting through all submissions, they are unable to give an exact total of just how many entries they have received. Didrik’s defeat last year definitely doesn’t appear to have put a dampener on the enthusiasm for the contest. With at least hundreds of entries, Per and Anne tell of composers coming from far and wide, with many from Germany, Sweden and England, amongst others.

Project manager Skjalg Solstad tells how "It will be so exciting to start going through the envelopes – we said loud and clear that we wanted a greater variety of music genres to be represented in next year’s contest". Per Sundnes also chimes in that he "Wants to hear Norwegian jazz! And electronica! Norway’s biggest musical successes overseas are with these types of music."According to the project team at NRK, the last week prior to the deadline sees a final flurry of composers sending in material, hoping they’ve got what it takes.

Once all entries have been registered, a jury will have the daunting task of listening to every single song, sent in by both the general public and specially invited composers. 21 entries will then be chosen through an eliminations process. Sundnes goes on to say that "We’ve noticed a marked increase in interest this year, compared with previous years, as well as many artists who have participated earlier who want to try their luck again."

Source: NRK, EuroVisionary
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