New rules for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

For the 2009 Danish final DR will introduce a jury to judge the songs together with the public voting. 10 songs will compete in a final on 31st of January 2009, but only six of them will be taken from the open selection.

For the 2009 Danish final DR has decided to go back to the old format with just one final consisting of 10 songs. The format with two semi-finals has been cancelled, most likely, as it was hard to find a host city that would want to and could afford to take all three shows. For a while DR has been searching for a host city that would not just held one of the shows, but all three. Several possible host cities have rejected an offer from DR due to financial reasons.

The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009 final will take place on 31st of January 2009. Ten songs will compete, just as with the old format. Two major changes will be introduced though as four of the ten songs will be specially invited names who do not have to go through the open selection. DR says that this is done in order to raise the quality. They are open about having very high ambitions for the 2009 national selection and promise the viewers a fantastic show.

The other major change is that the viewers wont be 100% deciding who will get to represent Denmark at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. A special invited jury will have a say as well. How much have not yet been announced, but it is a good guess that it will be similar to the Swedish system although this particular system have been heavily criticized as it means that the one being the viewers favourite might not win the Contest. Something that happened as late as this year where Charlotte Perrelli only won her ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest due to jury voting.

The Danish final 2009 will still not be completely open to foreigners. In the rules DR writes: "The composer and the lyric writer – or the singer(s) will have to be Danish citizens or otherwise have a strong connection to Denmark (Living in Denmark for many years, married to a Dane or be in a steady relationship with a Dane). Danes living on Faroe Islands and registered there can take part as well. In case of doubt DR makes the decision that can not be appealed".

The deadline for the open selection is set to 8th of October 2008 at 12:00 CET. Application form and more about the specific rules can be found via the attachments.

Source: DR, EuroVisionary
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