A new layout for EuroVisionary

If you are a returning visitor you’ll see that we have now changed the layout of the site. This has been done in order to make our content more accessibly to our readers and simply more pleasant to look at it.

The other day I was asked how it is going with the site and which future plans we had. I told him that we were working on a new layout which we would launch before the final on Saturday. “A new layout in Eurovision week, you are mad”, he said. Well considering how busy these days are it is indeed not particular common to also spend time on something which is not directly related to what is going on in these two weeks in Belgrade, but we believe that the new layout will benefit our readers in such a matter that it would indeed be a good thing to have it up before the final.

We hope you’ll all welcome the new layout and the easier access to our content. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll continue to improve the new layout so feel free to leave a comment with suggestions as to what you would like to see better displayed on EuroVisionary.com.

Source: EuroVisionary
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