New Danish Melodi Grand Prix book released

A new book featuring the biggest moments of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix history has been released. It is written by Ole Tøphom and is based on a lot of interviews. The new book is to be seen as a supplement to the already existing book that came in 2001, but it is a continuing of Jørgen De Mylius’s work with the previous.

The book is called Dansk Melodi Grand Prix – de største øjeblikke. It is an historical journey through Denmark’s biggest TV program, its national final and is written by DR’s news reporter Ole Tøpholm who is a big Eurovision Song Contest fan himself. In the book he guides the readers through the many decades, its biggest moments through various styles, haircuts and clothes.

Ole Tøpholm’s book is not to be taken as an up-date to Jørgen De Mylius’s book from 2001 which went through the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in chronological order including a lot of facts. The new book is telling the story of the biggest moments in the Danish finals history through interviews with participants. Though it also includes the usual list of results it is more focused on guiding the readers through via the experiences from names like Birthe Wilke, Birthe Kjær and Helge Engelbrecht.

"Dansk Melodi Grand Prix – de største øjeblikke" is in Danish, is 120 pages and can be purchased through various Danish bookstores for 299 dkr. It is however not easy finding a book store that will post abroad, but if you want to buy the book EuroVisionary is willing to buy it on behalf of you and make sure it reaches your no matter where in the world you live. All you have to do is contact us via the form.

Source: EuroVisionary
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