My Way Music responsible for the Danish leak

Yesterday the ten songs for the 2009 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix leaked. The responsibility for the scandal has now been placed at the record company. Their anti-pirate group is trying to stop the songs from appearing on the internet while DR thinks it might even help them to win in Moscow.

It is an error at the record company My Way Music that yesterday led to the Danish songs appearing on various torrents downloads and YouTube. “A mistake happen when we sent out the songs. Due to a wrong release date the songs could be downloaded before the actual release date. 16 albums were sold before we closed it” says Henrik Sørensen, My Way Music. They immediately put their anti-pirate group in action in order to stop the illegal copies flooding around the internet.

DR is quite calm about the mistake. Jan Lagermand Lundme from DR is responsible for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. He says: “Yes, the record company made a mistake, but I am not upset. It is too bad that it happened, but as long as all ten songs are published it is really not a disaster. It would have worried us and been unfair competition if it was just one song”.

The Danish broadcaster has high expectations for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest and the selection of the ten songs and in particular the wildcards has been done with the purpose of winning in Moscow. DR even thinks that the earlier release (Although not intended) can help them achieve that goal: “It is important for us to win in Russia and therefore it is only an advantage that the songs are known in advance, but of course it is too bad that it happened this way”, Jan Lagermand Lundme continues.

Source: BT, EuroVisionary
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