More Surprises in Finland

This evening saw the third and final semi-final in Finland. By the end of the evening, three of the five songs would have qualified for the final.

Jaana Pelkonen and Mikko Peltsi Peltola were again the hosts. By the end of the show, the full line up for next Saturdays final as the jury wildcard would also be revealed.

Maria Lund – Sydän Ymmärtää – The first song of the evening is a cheerful little tune. It is nice to listen to at the start, but does get a little bit irritating by the end. Finnish blue and white prevail dominant in the outfits. 

Osmo Ikonen – Heaven or Hell – Black and white is the order of the day for Osmo and his musicians. After trying to get the audience involved with a bit of hand clapping, those on stage engage in a dance routine which is quite reminiscent of the video for Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer. In fact, the song sounds like it comes from a Robert palmer album.

Kuunkuiskaajat – Työlki Ellää – The two ladies of Kuunkuiskaajat wore beaming smiles throughout as they performed their folk song. There was more than a hint of Sami in the style of the song.

Linn – Fatal Moment – it was time for rock music to take centre stage. The song is the best of the night so far, but the vocal needed to be a bit stronger for the impact to be fully felt.

Eläkeläiset – Hulluna Humpasta – This song is best heard after a few, no, a lot of drinks! The oom-pa- pa style of the song is certainly different and those with a strong or simply strange sense of humour will possibly love it, the rest will hate it.

The phone lines opened after the last song and soon after they closed, the lucky three were revealed:

Kuunkuiskaajat – Työlki Ellää
Linn – Fatal Moment
Eläkeläiset – Hulluna Humpasta

It was a night when long term memory loss seemed to be afflicting the Finnish nation. Not only did the last three songs of the evening qualify automatically but one of the other two songs heard tonight was chosen by the jury as the wildcard.  Maria Lund was the lucky one and would get a second chance.

The full line up for the final is:

Amadeus – Anastacia
Nina Lassander – Cider Hill
Pentti Hietanen – Il Mondo È Qui
Antti Kleemola – Sun Puolella
Heli Kajo – Annankadun Kulmassa
Sister Twister – Love at the First Sight
Kuunkuiskaajat – Työlki Ellää
Linn – Fatal Moment
Eläkeläiset – Hulluna Humpasta
Maria Lund – Sydän Ymmärtää

Source: EuroVisionary
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