Melodi Grand Prix Stage Stolen!

The stage transported around the country in conjunction with the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix was stolen last night, a mere week before the second chance round is to be broadcast from Sarpsborg. The trailer stood parked in a small town, about 30 minutes outside of Oslo when thieves made their move, NRK reports today.

The broadcaster goes on to confirm that the whole of the stage floor as well as a substantial part of the backdrop is now missing. NRK remain however tight lipped concerning the implications for the forthcoming show on Saturday, simply stating that they will be doing everything in their power to re-create the same kind of atmosphere and setting in Sarpsborg if the equipment is not returned in time.

According to Norwegian tabloid VG, the trailer was fitted with a tracking device, which means that the police are already hot on the trail of the missing trailer, having found part of the cargo dumped in Skåne, Southern Sweden and the actual trailer has apparently been located in Denmark. There has currently been no mention as to whether or not the stage has been damaged. Melodi Grand Prix figurehead Per Sundnes says that he is relieved that the drama is over this time, but it remains to be seen just how much of the equipment is intact or missing.

Source: NRK, VG, Eurovisionary
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