Little drop in Danish viewing figures

Denmark experienced a little drop in the viewing figures for the Eurovision Song Contest final this year however they are still quite high compared to other countries. A total of 1,587,000 people watched A Friend in London ending 5th in the final in Düsseldorf. 

The Danish viewing figures are split onto two TV channels with 1,382,000 watching Saturday’s final on DR 1 and another 205,000 watching it on DR HD giving a total of 1,587,000 people in Denmark seeing it. It is as usual the most seen programme that week with no other programmes even coming near. 

Denmark participated in the second semi-final which was seen by 752,000. Last year’s second semi-final, also with Denmark in it, was seen by 773,000.

A documentary film about Tommy Seebach who represented Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest final in 1979, 1981 and 1993 sent Saturday evening just before the final managed to catch 642,000 viewers, but it has to be added that this has been broadcasted several times before and not so long ago.

Previous Danish viewing figures for the Eurovision Song Contest final

2011: 1,587,000

2010: 1,658,000

2009: 1,450,000

2008: 985,000

2007: 487,000 (Denmark didn’t qualify for the final)

2006: 1,700,000

2005: 1,394,000

2004: 582,000 (Denmark didn’t qualify for the final)

2003: 1,159,000 (Denmark didn’t participate that year)

2002: 2,080,000

2001: 2,667,000 (Denmark hosted the Eurovision Song Contest)

2000: 1,407,000 (Denmark won the Eurovision Song Contest)

Denmark has a population of 5,5 million people and with that in comparision the numbers are as usual quite high, although the drop of little over 100,000 is worth paying attention to as the country had a song among the top candidates for the victory.

Source: TNS Gallup TV-Meter, EuroVisionary
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