Lithuania’s Evelina loves her life

One of the best singers in Düsseldorf is Evelina Sasenko.  She gave this soaring ballad a great run through today, throwing in some sign language for good measure. 

Press in the arena were very thin on the ground for the Lithuanian rehearsal, and it could be argued they missed a treat.  Evelina really got her teeth into this unfancied song and gave it her best shot.  It’s very effectively staged with spotlights changing from purple to light blue to white.  During the chorus twinkling lights on the backdrop rise to the sky.

Evelina is in a floor length white dress with elements of black lace.  She is accompanied only by a pianist in a white suit sat at a white piano.  During part of the song, she makes use of sign language to convey the message that no matter what you’re going through, life will get better.

Evelina’s very strong vocals sell what is a song few think will qualify.  Lithuania may have a lot of work to do, but they can rest assured that Evelina is a great singer.

In my view

My view is that this song will get very few votes next Tuesday.  There are too many better songs in this semi-final and it’ll get lost in the crowd.  Eurovision is not the ideal place for a song like this – it rests better in  music theatre.  It’s a pity really, because with the right song she could do wonders.

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