Lithuania: The Result of the 2nd Semi-Final

After last weeks first semi-final, the Lituanian public and a jury choose three more songs to compete in trhe final for the chance to go to Oslo.

There should have been 12 songs in tonights semi-final, but one of the singers had to withdraw due to illness. The 11 songs remaining were:

Mariaana Seppern — My Home is Europe
Mundis & Electric Ladies – Sielos Muzika
Raimonda Masiulyte – Ledine Sirdis
AGAMA – Field of Kings
Audrius – Right Now
Ruslanas Kirilkinas – I Love a Boy Who‘s in Love With a Fairytale
Marta Lukosiute — Meiles Ruduo
Amberlife – Material World
Saules kliosas – Tu Atejai
Mini-Me – Always
Donatas Montvydas – Running Fast

When all the votes had been counted, the three songs through to the final on 4th March are:

AGAMA – Field of Kings – This is sung mostly in a soprano style, but also has eastern influences.

Ruslanas Kirilkinas – I Love a Boy Who’s in Love With a Fairytale – A
song which is very euro-pop and may well not go down well with a Europe
wide audience.

Donatas Montvydas – Running Fast – Possibly the most contemporary of the three, it’s commercial r’n’b

The third and last semi-final will be held next Saturday.

Source: EuroVisionary
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