Ivi Adamou releases Madness video

For Ivi Adamou the past month has been one big success. Her 2012 Eurovision Song Contest entry has been on many charts around Europe, she won the artist of the year award in Cyprus – and now the video to her newest single has been released. 

The new single from Ivi Adamou is featuring TU. The song is written and produced by Nalle Ahlstedt with the lyrics being written by Alexandra Zakka and Dimitris Domakos. The latter being the TU who is singing rap on this song.

Ivi scored herself a place in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest where she then finished 16th with the song La La Love, which afterwards turned out to become one of the most popular Cypriot entries ever as it made it to the charts in many European countries. Shortly after returning home she was even awarded with the Artist Of The Year prize. 

Below you can see the video to Madness:

Source: Ivi Adamou, EuroVisionary
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