Hot on the heels of Haba Haba

Stella Mwangi, despite her failure to advance from the 1st semi final in Düsseldorf, can’t be kept down for long. Europe may not have fallen for her bundles of charm and bubbly personality, but that certainly doesn’t appear to have put a dampener on her outlook to the future.

No sooner has the schlager glitter and shock settled after her poor placing, Stella is back, throttling at full speed ahead and releasing a brand new single in her home country, Norway. The single, entitled Lookie Lookie, shows a marked departure from the style of Haba Haba as Stella reverts back to her more adult music style.

Lookie Lookie is a contemporary club tune, with very little vocal to mention, with Stella speaking her parts rather than actually singing them. Her latest offering is best described as trance meets RnB with further Swahili references within the text. Stella’s newest single is taken from the forthcoming album Kinanda, which is due for release on the 17th of June through the EMI label in Norway. The album is reported to be a fusion of Stella’s African roots paired with a more urban sound. Here’s hoping that Lookie Lookie is just a big a smash as Haba Haba and that Stella manages to stay in the spotlight, where she belongs.


Stella’s official website

Source: Dagbladet, EuroVisionary
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