Get to know the participants for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009

DR revealed yesterday the 10 acts that will compete to get to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. The line-up promise an interesting show of a high quality where the many famous songwriters are put to focus – but who are the ten finalist and what have they done before?

Believe Again
Singer(s): Brinck
(Ronan Keating, Lars Halvor Jensen and Martin Larsson)

Niels Brinck is mainly known for being a songwriter himself having written songs for TV-series and for last year’s Danish X-factor winner. He released his debut album in May 2008, but is to most Danes a rather unknown name.

The song however is written by well established songwriters. Irish Ronan Keating is known from a solo career as well as the boy band Boyzone. He was also hosting the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest. Lars Halvor Jensen was one of the songwriters for Heidi Degn’s 2008 Dansk Melodi Grand entry On Top Of The World. He and Martin Larsson know each other from the band You Know Who which they formed together with Christina Undhjem. They have also been writing songs and produced for names like Paula Abdul, Sugarbabes and Blue.    

Big Bang Baby
Singer(s):  Claus Christensen
(Troels Holdt, Lars Malm and Lise Cabble)

Claus Christensen is well known to Melodi Grand Prix fans, although it is as a songwriter. He wrote Drama Queen for DQ that represented Denmark at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest and in 2008 he wrote Kendra Lou’s Until We’re Satisfied that finished 4th in the Danish national final. This will be his first time as a front singer.

Lise Cabble has written to the Danish selection many times before achieving best result in 1995 where her song Fra Mols Til Skagen sung by Aud Wilken won the Danish selection and finished 5th at the Eurovision Song Contest. She is also working together with the Danish band Johnny Deluxe and rock singer Sanne Salomonsen. Troels Holdt and Lars Malm are known from the Danish band Nordstrøm which they founded in 2004.     

Underneath My Skin
Singer(s): Christina Undhjem
(Brian Risberg Clausen and Mads Haugaard)

Christina Undhjem is born in Norway and have two times participated in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, in 2006 with the song My Dream and the year after with Here. To the Danish audience she is however mostly known from the band You Know Who, the duo Sister with Ida Corr and as the female singer on some of Nik & Jay’s hits.

Brian Risberg is well known internationally under the name Bryan Rice. He released his first solo album three years ago and is known working on his third one. In particular his song No Promises became quite an international hit. Mads Haugaard has twice had songs in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. In 2006 he wrote Make This Night Forever sung by Kristine Blond and in 2007 Annika Askman sang his song Fly.       

Singer(s): Hera Björk
(Christina Schilling, Jonas Gladnikoff, Henrik Szabo and Daniel Nilsson)

Hera Björk is from Iceland where she has participated in their national final before and in 2008 she was in Belgrade as choir for Euroband on their entry This Is My Life. She has released four solo albums and worked with various bands. The last four years Hera has been living in Denmark.

Jonas and Christina have written the song while Henrik and Daniel took care of the lyrics. They are all four Eurovision Song Contest fans. Jonas has previously written songs for the selections in Albania, Lithuania and Bulgaria. Last year Christina was singing choir on his song in Bulgaria.   

Det’ Det’
Singer(s): Sukkerchok
(Lasse Lindorff, Mogens Binderup og Lise Cabble)

Sukkerchok consist of the three female singers Inez, Kat and Malene. They are rather unknown and working on their first album. They met each other to sing the title song for the reality TV program Paradise Hotel.  By a coincidence they heard this song and immediately knew that they wanted to sing it.

Lise Cabble has been mentioned before and has been working together with Lasse Lindorff and Mogens Binderup before. They wrote the song Hooked On You which Lasse himself performed in last year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. 

I Never Fall In Love Again
Singer(s): Trine Jepsen
(Claes Andreasson, Torbjörn Wassenius, Johan Sahlen and Niels Kvistborg)

Trine Jepsen is a well known name having represented Denmark at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest together with Michael Teschl where they achieved an 8th place with This Time I Mean It. She also participated in the 2006 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix together with Christian Bach.

Claes Andreasson has written in total of 13 songs for various national finals all over Europe. This is however first time in Denmark for the Swedish songwriter. Together with Torbjörn and Johan he last year wrote a hit for the Japanese boy band News. Claes and Torbjörn also wrote Wolves Of The Sea that represented Latvia at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

The four wildcards that were specially invited by DR:

Lucky Boy
Singer(s): Jeppe Laursen
(Jeppe Laursen)

Jeppe Laursen has had international success as one half of the duo Junior Senior that has now split up. He got his wildcard through Thomas Troelsen, one of the producers on the song. Thomas was asked by DR if he could come up with anyone who deserved a wildcard and immediately pointed at Jeppe.

Alice In The Wonderland
Singer(s): Jimmy Jørgensen
(Mikael Erlandsson, Torbjorn Wassenius, Claes Andreasson and Birgitte Rye)

Jimmy Jørgensen is a well known name that doesn’t need much introduction in Denmark. He is a famous singer from the band Hotel Hunger, but has also had quite big success as an actor. He has been in musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar and Teater concert Beach Boys, in TV series like Rejseholdet (Unit 1) and Taxa and in films like Store Planer, Pizza King, Se Til Venstre, Der Er En Svensker and Nynne.

Claes and Torbjorn have been mentioned before. Mikael Erlandsson has twice before participated in the Swedish selection, Melodifestivalen, with songs he sang himself.  Birgitte Rye has written the lyrics for this song.       

Singer(s): Johnny Deluxe
(Noam Halby, Jakob Glæsner og Peter Kvint)

Johnny Deluxe is a band that started in London in 2000. They have had quite big success in Denmark as one of few bands that sings in Danish. The band consist of lead singer Noam Halby, bass player Jakob Glæsner, guitar player Søren Itenov and drummer Morten Lynggaard.

Johnny Deluxe’s Noam and Jakob have written the song themselves together with Swedish songwriter Peter Kvint.  

Crying Out Your Name
Singer(s): Marie Carmen Koppel
(Marie Carmen Koppel og Dan Hemmer)

Marie Carmen Koppel is probably the most surprising name in the Danish line-up as she is mainly known as a gospel singer. She is out of a famous music family and has as such inhered quite a talent. In 1994 she went to New York to sing gospel. She has released several gospel and soul inspired albums, the latest one being from 2008 where she wrote all the songs alone.

This song is written together with Dan Hemmer.

Source: DR, EuroVisionary
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