First show of Uuden Musikin Kilpailu kicks off in Finland this saturday

Finland will kick off their selection named UMK (Contest for New Music) with its first show on Saturday. It has now up to forty acts revealed online by national broadcaster YLE via its website. The number of participants will be narrowed to twelve before the first show starts.

First show in the Finnish UMK will take start at 21.00 CET and will last around one hour according to official website of the broadcaster YLE. The shows will be aired on YLE TV2 with the presentation of Joona Kortesmäki and Anne Lainto.

Up to now, forty acts in total are in the running, published online by the broadcaster via its website. After publishing the acts, there is found an application called ‘fan barometer’ which gives us some hints for fan favourites. These songs can be also heard on the YLE website. The latest situation in the barometer is:

1. Jari & Taika: Aamuyön ikuisuus (10953 clicks)
2. Raita Ilomäki: Usko rakkauteen (8413 clicks)
3. Jessica Wolff: Better (8386 clicks)
4. The Spyro: Teleport My Heart (8307 clicks)
5. DCX: Erase You (7539 clicks)
6. Selja Sini: Pack Up (7466 clicks)
7. 1LOVE: International Love Song (6434 clicks)
8. Iconcrash: We Are The Night (6348 clicks)
9. Lasmatic: Yksin yhdessä (6121 clicks)
10. ALCHEMY ROAD: Burning (5982 clicks)
11. KaksKaks & Alisa: Anna aikaa (5966 clicks)
12. ARTo: Roudassa (5424 clicks)
13. Kirahvi nimeltä Tuike: Sinisulkien viimeinen (4697 clicks)
14. Pauliina Salonen: Want My Life Back (4155 clicks)
15. Stig: Laululeija (3982 clicks)
16. Mica Ikonen: Antaa mennä (3763 clicks)
17. Pernilla Karlsson: När jag blundar (3730 clicks)
18. Ville Eetvartti: Lasikaupunki (3649 clicks)
19. Lassi, Tuukka & Jyrki: Huominen ei ole koskaan nyt (3597 clicks)
20. Martina: Checkmate (3562 clicks)
21. Malin Kojola: Home (3283 clicks)
22. Leola: Rytmit rikkoutuu (3268 clicks)
23. Boys Hate Silence: Miracle (2685 clicks)
24. MOOBS: Johnny (2622 clicks)
25. Hans on the bass: Only 7 Days (2150 clicks)
26. Fatima Koroma: Different Coloured Socks (2016 clicks)
27. Freeman & Uusi Fantasia: Noitanainen (1861 clicks)
28. Judy: Kisscollector (1605 clicks)
29. Seamus: Like Soldiers Go (1394 clicks)
30. Petra: Janis Joplin (1340 clicks)
31. Aura Pineda: Kunpa vois (1337 clicks)
32. Noora: Every Day In The Sunshine (1174 clicks)
33. Apila: Joenvarren tyttö (1105 clicks)
34. Aili: Mun taivas (1020 clicks)
35. Anna Inginmaa: Meikin alta (959 clicks)
36. Captor: Hooked On Wii (852 clicks)
37. Kaisa Vala: Habits Of Human Beings (798 clicks)
38. Tom Morgan: Melt (777 clicks)
39. Eveliina Määttä: Perfect (687 clicks)
40. Rita Lovely & the Soultwisters: November’s Touch (663 clicks) 

Before the first show starts on saturday, an expert jury including the names, Wallu Valpio (Hitlantis), Anna Laine (Radio Helsinki’s head of programmer), Tomi Saarinen (YleX radio’s head of music department) and Jorma Hietamäki (Radio Suomi’s head of music department), will narrow down the field to twelve.

Except those names in the jury list, YLE also announced that UMK will have a famous name as a guest judge in each show. In the first show  singer & songwriter Anna Puu will be the guest judge where Laura Närhi, also a singer-songwriter, will take over in the second show. Each of the participants will be competing to avoid relegation as one one of them will be relegated each week. At last there will remain six names participating in the grand final which will be held on February, 25th.

The final show will held in Ice Hall in Helsinki where also Anne Abreu and The Rasmus will perform at the stage. Lately the tickets sales started for the grand final show of UMK, pricing 40.00€ and 50.00€. The tickets can be found on official seller website, Lippupalvelu.

Source: EuroVisionary, YLE
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