Finland – Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen and Jari Sillanpaa in the Final

This evening saw the last of three semifinals in Finland. Four acts sang for viewers votes. Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen and Jari Sillanpaa impressed the most and qualified by right for the final.

Tampere again played host and the show was presented by Jaana Pelkonen and Mikko Peltola. As Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen and Jari Sillanpaa won the viewers votes, this means that the other two acts, Janita and Vink, will have to go through it all again on 31st January, immediately before the final.  

Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen – Speakerbox – This is in the hip hop style. Hip Hop/Rap has already been tried three times in the Eurovision Song Contest and has flopped each time. The Finns are possibly among the most conservative of nations in terms of music so would this be a hit?

Janita – Martian – Martian has a rock feel to it. However it possibly lacks the impact that one might expect from a rock song. This was her second appearance in the Finnish final. She came third in 2004 with the song Enkeli

Vink – The Greatest Plan – The second rock song of the night, it is more memorable than the song it followed. Vink are a five piece band making their first appearance in the Finnish final.

Jari Sillanpaa – Kirkas Kipina – From newcomers to an old hand. Jari is well known to fans and casual viewers with a good memory through his participation in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest. This is a good Finnish ballad which builds well towards the end.

After the interval act had done their bit, the results were announced. Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen and Jari Sillanpaa had made it through to the final with over 80% of the total vote between them.  Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen gained 46.5% and 34% of the viewers votes went to Jari.


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