Finland Publishes Rules For 2013

Finnish broadcaster, YLE, has published the rules for the selection process it will use to find a singer and song to represent the country in Sweden next May. It’s a move which makes Finland the first country to start searching for its song for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The selection process will follow the same path as this year. The show is again called Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. No date for the series has been set.

YLE have clearly resisted making any changes despite missing out on a place in the final in Baku, when Pernilla finished a couple of places short of the top ten in twelfth.

If you speak Finnish, you can read the rules at the official site (the link can be found below) although a message on the site does say that the rules will be published in English soon.

Below you can watch our 3D video of Pernilla’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. We recommend watching it in 3D, but if you don’t have a pair of glasses yet (They can be bought at our 3D page) you can easily turn this feature off and watch it in standard 2D. 


UMK official site

Source: EuroVisionary, YLE
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