Finland in Paradise for Dusseldorf

This evening, Finland chose its representative for Dusseldorf in May. Three semi-finals and tonight’s final culminated in Paradise Oskar being chosen to carry the hopes of his nation with an environmentally friendly song.

Ten songs had qualified for the final in the Caribia Hall in Turku. They were at the mercy of the Finnish public, who voted for their favourite via phone and SMS. The ten songs that had made through to tonight are final:

Eveliina Määttä – Dancing In the Dark
Sami Hintsanen – Täältä Maailmaan
Milana Misic – Sydämeni Kaksi Maata
Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam
Cardiant – Rapture In Time
Johanna Iivanainen – Luojani Mun
Father McKenzie – Good Enough
Marko Maunuksela – Synkän Maan Tango
Saara Aalto – Blessed With Love
Stala & So. – Pamela

After the viewers had cast their votes, three songs went forward to a second round of voting while the acts tried to hide their disappointment.

Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam
Father McKenzie – Good Enough
Saara Aalto – Blessed With Love

After the next round of voting had finished, Paradise Oskar emerged as the winner with nearly 50% of the vote. He will compete in the first half of the first semi-final.

Source: EuroVisionary
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