Eva Boto believes success is within reach in Baku

Slovenia have employed former winning writer Vladimir Graic in the quest for a Eurovision win.  A solid rehearsal today was what we wanted and what we got.

Slovenia’s rehearsal was slightly delayed today when the technical problems dogging other countries continued.  However, this did not put Eva Boto off and she was quite rightly applauded for her singing.

Eva looks very pretty in the same long white dress she wore in the national final.  It has flowers embroidered all over it.  She has five backing singers dressed in slightly different outfits which are all white.  Some are long dresses, some short.  Her backing soloist we first hear wears a long sleeved robe which she casts off midway through the song.

The background is dark, as suits a song like this.  The spotlights gradually change colour during the song – red, then blue.  There is also a graphic that looks like silk fluttering in a breeze.  The whole look is completed by some wind machines.

This went down very well among the press that were watching. We must remember that it comes after a very uptempo song (Bulgaria) so the contrast will be high in the minds of the voters next Thursday.  A good position and a place in the final seem guaranteed.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionary for more news on Slovenia in the coming days.

Source: Eurovisionary.com
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