Eurovision 2014 day 3 – F.Y.R. Macedonia’s first rehearsal

Tijana Dapcevic will be singing her lively entry To The Sky for her native F.Y.R. Macedonia. The artist is very popular in all former Yugoslav states, admired for her talent and charming personality. Tijana is expected to be joined on stage by her sister, who will be one her backing vocalists.

The song starts with a sub lit stage. White spotlights move towards the singer who is standing centre stage in shadow. When the spotlights point at the singer, a white square lights up on the stage floor under Tijana’s feet. The singer is currently dressed in a casual jacket, a t-shirt with a witty motto on and blue jeans. A male dancer soon joins Tijana on stage and dances around her. There is a sequence when Tijana is directing the moves of her dancer from afar using arm movements; later on the two of them move within shifting white squares displayed on the stage floor and they are then joined by the backing vocalists, who start moving about on stage. Tijana’s husky voice is strong but the lady herself looked a bit stressed during the first run of the song – given that this Tijana’s very first performance on this year’s Eurovision stage, this is understandable though.

The stage is lit in white and blue. There are formations of moving light blue lines, sometimes in the form of curves, displayed on the background walls and stage floor. At some point, there is also a pretty pattern of hands that collectively resemble two wings shown in the background. The team from F.Y.R. Macedonia tried out different ideas for the finale of the song: one was just a close camera shot of Tijana and her team close together pointing upwards (hinting to the song’s title To The Sky) with the camera moving towards the direction of the pointing, whereas a following finale included an overhead shot of them standing in a white square. This is a presentation with some really good elements. Tijana will hopefully relax a bit more with subsequent rehearsals, put a smile on her beautiful face and let her charisma, evident on the video from the national selection of F.Y.R. Macedonia, shine through.

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