Eurovision 2013 day 6: Norway’s second rehearsal

Blond temptress Margaret Berger gave a confident performance but clearly struggled with some of the notes during her first round of rehearsals but still managed to come off convincing. With a few todays to polish off her act, anticipation was high to see if she would now live up to her status as one of the big favourites to win the contest.

For the second of Margaret’s rehearsals the staging was identical, with a deep blue backdrop combined with blue and white rays keeping in line with the chill of the song. The backdrop features a diamond facet like effect before changing to a glittery effect. Blue stars twinkle above, combined with blue hanging lanterns make for a striking effect.

The alterations made to Margaret’s dress have obviously helped considerably, as she had complained of the dress without the split being difficult to move about in. The figure hugging straight jacket inspired dress really stands out fantastically against the deep sapphire blue on stage. The camera work this time around is dramatically better, giving shots of Margaret from all angles to show off her dramatic dress at its best. She has clearly managed to accustom herself to the stage – her presence is pretty powerful, and long shots of her are really compelling. Revolving shots of her also are extremely effective and a shot of her from the side with the audience in the background will look simply stunning on the night. Considering some of the other acts on offer in her semi, they should take heed that less is definitely more.

Her vocal issues have thankfully been resolved. She gave a performance that oozed sensuality and seductiveness, yet at the same time was naked and vunerable. She managed to hit the higher notes with relative ease, belting out her cool and collected electro number. With such an accomplished performance as this, Margaret will no doubt have viewers queueing up to be fed her love. Her performance went down very well in the hall and bodes well for the reaction she’ll receive on the 16th of May.

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