Eurovision 2013 day 5: Cyprus’s second rehearsal

Cyprus has sent a singer chosen by CyBC this year.  Despina is an accomplaished performer and acquitted herself way when she rehearsed on Tuesday.  How would this second rehearsal fair?

Despina’s rehearsal went without a hitch, much like her previous one.  She’s performing a really well constructed ballad by herself.  There are no backing singers at all.  As you would expect, she stays static on the stage with the camera moving around her very effectively.

She’s still wearing the long dark lace dress she wore last time, with her long hair down.  She makes very good use of the camera angles and she performs the heart out of this.  The second run-through was stopped very early on due to some technical hitches.  A quick reset took place and she started again, totally unfazed by it all.

In the three full run-throughs of the song, slight changes were made but these didn’t detract from the song.  As far as further work is concerned, the performance is pretty much there.  Despina is obviously a very experienced performer, and this shows with the way she carried herself through the song.

If she can perform it this way on Tuesday night, she may well spring a surprise (to some) and qualify. 

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