Euroviisut 2011 – The artists

In collaboration with the record companies in Finland, Finnish broadcaster Yle has chosen the 12 artists that will be competing in the 3 semi finals in January. The winner of the final in Åbo on February 12th will be representing Finland in Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany.

Aside from the 12 artists that has already been chosen there are 15 songs competing for 3 additional spots in the final in the competition "Webbkvalet 2011". The three songs that gets the highest amount of votes will qualify for the final.

Below you will find the dates of the 3 semi finals and the names of artists that will participate in Euroviisut 2011:

1st Semi final, Friday, January 14th
Automatic Eye
Johanna Iivanainen
Marko Maunuksela 

2nd  Semi final, Friday, January 21st
Jimi Constantine
Milana Misic
Paradise Oskar
Soma Manuchar

3rd Semi final, Friday, January 28th
Sami Hintsanen
Eveliina Määttä
Tommi Soidinmäki
Stala & So

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