Diary day 5: Icelandic party, singing with the Polish, Denmark and Norway stands together and Shalali-Lotte!

I was impressed by the Icelandic reception. Once again they know how to throw a Eurovision party. I wasn’t impressed by the fact that my friends have now started to sing shalalie constantly whenever I am around. They even went as far as to call me Shalalie-lotte. No, it doesn’t suit me!

I am normally not that easy to offend and in particular not during these Eurovision weeks. To get through these two weeks of hard work you simply need to be able to have some fun with your friends. That is what I have been missing in previous years and also what has been too stressful. I am trying to do things differently this year, but there has to be a limit. To be called Shalalie-Lotte by your friends can not be considered fun – although they appeared to indeed find it quite funny when they also added the singing of the song to it! But don’t worry, I am doing my best in getting back at them.

Yesterday we went to the Icelandic party, which was just as enjoyable as last year. It was held at the Icelandic embassy that turned out to be located in a very nice Forrest part of Oslo. I must admit that the more I see of Oslo the more fascinated I am with this city. Here you find the Forrest with its houses build in wood and the harbour with its yachts’ right next to each other very close to the city center. Their roundabouts are confusing though, but I am getting use to the many tunnels so if I could learn to drive in those roundabouts this city might just appeal to me.

We had a quick visit to Euroclub last night, but the music was way too loud so we found the first bus home. It happen to be only the little group of us plus the Polish singer Marcin and his backingsinger. We caused the bus to be 2 minutes late so they asked us to sing a song in return. They were not impressed with our choice of In A Moment Like This or was it perhaps our singing? Well, they would have wanted us to sing something in Polish and at that moment I was quite annoyed at myself for not being able to sing at least just two or three lines of the Polish entry this year. One of my friends was able to sing To Ni Ja, but was too embarrassed to do so at that moment. He didn’t want the Polish to judge on his Polish pronunciation. Not to offend his singing it probably also was best to leave it for the Polish backing singer to sing that!

After getting back to the hotel we waited a bit outside where we talked to the Norwegian bus-driver. We agreed on that Swedes are boring! There is nothing better for the Danes and the Norwegians to agree about than teasing the bigbrother Sweden.   

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