Denmark’s got major problems with little time left

Denmark were one of the favourites going into this contest but it’s looking as if they’re struggling just a little bit to live up to that tag.

Christina and Tomas were having more vocal problem today. Tomas is higher than she is and it sounds funny. The high notes at the end are causing an awful lot of screeching. I think the problem is that it sounds fantastic in the hall and the delegation are considering that more. The sound on the tv output is king and the Danes really need to consider that as the priority.

Christina is wearing her stage outfit and it’s not an improvement on the national final one. In fact, it is much worse. It’s silver blue and black and it’s just too busy.

Tomas doesn’t seem to be interested in actually being there. He has no chemistry with Christina and I’m mainly putting the fault at his feet.

I think this will qualify as it catchy and instant with a fantastic hook. I no longer think it has a chance at the top spot though. It just needs too much work and they don’t have the time. I won’t loose all hope just yet but it’s looking increasingly more bleak for Denmark.

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