Dansk Melodi Grand Prix dominating the charts in Denmark

The music from the recently held Danish final has now massively conquered the top of the charts. The album will once again prove to be one of the best selling albums of the year, five of the participating songs are doing well as singles and two of them even as a ringtone.

In Denmark the album containing all participating songs from the national final is generally always selling well. That and the ditto one from the Danish Junior final are very often to be found among the best selling albums of the year. As such it comes as no real surprise that the album is now to be found as the current number 1 on the album top40 with two weeks on the chart. Last week it entered as #5 after only a couple of days of sale. In addition it can be mentioned that the album with all songs from the Danish Junior final 2009 is still to be found on the album top40. The album has sold platinum and is now #30 on the list after a  total of 20 weeks on the chart.

This year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix has been classified as one of the best in many years. The viewing figures were impressive, there is a generally good atmosphere in this country towards the national final, which most are speaking highly of and now it is showing on the track list as well. The track top40 covers the most sold songs no matter format. The Danish winning song In A Moment Like This sung by Chanée and N’evergreen is currently second after entering as #7 last week. Runner up Bryan Rice entered last week as number 8 with his entry Breathing that has now risen to #3.  Simone and Silas & Kat ended in a tied third position at the national final held on 6th of February and both are selling well as a single. Simone is this week’s #17 after her song How Will I Know entered as #23. Silas & Kat didn’t enter the chart in the first week, but their Come Come Run Away has now made in into a 32nd position.

As a part of the Danish charts we have two bit charts which differs in the way that these measures the most downloaded albums and single songs from various services where the user need a subscription. This is quite often something you get together with your broadband and mobile contract. The Bit Album chart covers the 20 most downloaded albums though such services and the complete album from the Danish final is new as #1 after entering as second last week.

The Bit Track chart which then covers the 20 most downloaded individual songs through those subscriptions is also heavily influenced by the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Four of the 10 participating songs have made it to the top 20, although there is a slight difference to the track charts where the four songs on the list were equal to the top 4 in the Danish final. On the bit track list we find Chanée & N’evergreen as #1, Bryan Rice as #2 and Simone as #3, but there is no Silas & Kat here. Instead we find Sukkerchok and their song Kæmper For Kærlighed as #12. Compared to the other three Sukkerchok is new on the list while the others all entered last week.

On the ringtone top10 we find two of the songs from the 2010 Danish final. The winning song In A Moment Like This is new on the first position while Bryan Rice’s Breathing is #10.

To stay on a slightly Eurovision Song Contest relation it is worth mentioning that Rasmus Seebach, the son of Tommy Seebach who represented Denmark at the international Contests in 1979, 1981 and 1993, is to be found everywhere on the Danish charts as he is one of Denmark’s best selling artists at the moment. Aqua, who was interval act at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest held in Copenhagen, is also well represented on the charts after their comeback last year.

Source: Hitlisten.nu, EuroVisionary
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