Crash! ready to conquer the world

After participating in the Norwegian final two years in a row with a 3rd place from 2007 as best result the Norwegian rock band Crash! are now pursuing an international career with the USA and Romania as next stops.

Crash! came third in the 2007 Norwegian final with their song WannaBe written by Trond Holter from WigWam. This year they were among the favourites to win the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, they went to the final, but didn’t manage to qualify for the socalled super final with the best four. To Norwegian magazine "Se & Hør" drummer Stig Buckholm says about the coming plans: “Norway is a bit difficult for our kind of music, but just going to Sweden helps. There musicians help each other and there is a better music environment”.

Sweden however is not enough for the young band. Their songs are now being played on American radio stations and bands from both USA and Romania have shown big interest in playing with the Norwegian band. Guitar player Daniel Pedersen adds that the band will soon be promoted in Romania. They are however not totally abandoning their home country as this summer they will be playing for an audience of 35,000 when they open the Norway Cup.

Source:, EuroVisionary
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