Change of background image in Pernilla’s performance today

Finland hope to reach the final of the Eurovision Song Contest with Pernilla’s När Jag Blundar (When I Close My Eyes) in Baku this year. She started her second rehearsal hoping the background LED image would be changed. So did that happen?

Due to delays on the schedule of rehearsals in Crystal Hall today, Pernilla Karlsson finally took the stage after Belgian representative Iris. Today before Pernilla’s rehearsal, she and the Finnish delegation were both hoping the background LED image would be changed, also the camera and sound work must be changed to make the things better.

Pernilla gave us some strong hints about her dress for the semi final show, dressing the same as the first rehearsals. She wore a dark green dress with a long fabric behind, also a black jumper on top. Most probably she will uses a wind machine, but it feels like more wind should be used to wave her dress in the live performance. She was alone singing as in the national final, a single cellist joins her on the stage.

When it comes to background image that Pernilla hoped for a change, it was a water theme at the first rehearsal, appeared to be jets of water exploding with the droplets falling in slow motion. And yes, the background image were changed from blue water drops to orange flashes and fireworks which still appears in slow motion. 

On what we have seen so far, the new warm atmosphere is created with lightning scene, Pernilla seems to be confident and smiling with the cellist at the stage today. Finland still seems like a borderline qualifier but that’s sure Pernilla will close their eyes and enjoy the moment!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionary where you  will be kept informed with the rest of performers in second rehearsals today.

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