Chanée & N’evergreen win Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2010

Tonight’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix offered an amazing stage, a fantastic show and 10 acts that all did their very best to win the hearts of the viewers. At the end it was clear that Chanee & N’evergreen  can take the trophy home after winning the honour of representing Denmark at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Some might remember that last year’s Danish final were opened by a rock version of Te Deum. This year the show starts with a violin version of this Eurovision anthem. Yes, in Denmark they are also aware of that violins are in after Alexander Rybak’s victory in Moscow! The song is being performed twice as six male drummers – and the two hosts on drums follows afterwards.

The 10 acts competing in the 2010 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix are:

Song number 1: Bryan RiceBreathing (Written by Peter Bjørnskov) – Wildcard

Song number 2: Joakim TranbergAll About A Girl (Written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Michael Larsson and Ronan Keating)

Song number 3: MariaMatilde BandPanik (Panic)(Written by Maria Sejer, Matilde Kühl, Mads Haugaard and Marcus Winther-John)

Song number 4: SimoneHow Will I know (written by Jacob Launbjerg and Andreas Mørck)

Song number 5: Jens MarniGloria (Written by Svend Gudiksen, Johannes Jørgensen and Noah Halby)

Song number 6: Chanée & N’evergreenIn A Moment Like This (Written by Thomas G:son, Henrik Sethsson and Erik Bernholm

Song number 7: Kaya BrüelOnly Tonight (Written by Kaya Brüel) – Wildcard

Song number 8: Thomas BarsøeJust Like Rain (Written by Patrick Jonsson, Joakim Övrenius and Thomas Karlsson)

Song number 9: SukkerchokKæmper For Kærlighed (Fighting for Love)(Written by Lasse Lindorff, Martin Michael Larsson and Lise Cabble) – Wildcard  

Song number 10: Silas & KatCome Come Run Away (Written by Lise Cabble and Simon Munk)

For a Melodi Grand Prix it is often difficult to come up with something you haven’t seen before, but several of the performances this evening did show something we don’t see every day. Bryan Rice performed very intensively while the rain fell to the stage he was standing on. Joakim Trandberg managed to remain calm and relaxed despite his dancers almost making love on stage, the drummers in Jens Marni’s backing band turns out to be dancing drummers, Kaya Brüel is being lifted to air while wearing the biggest dress of the history of the Contest and Thomas Barsøe’s dancer is laying in the low-watered pool on the side of the stage!

The jury and the TV viewers decides 50/50 on which four songs qualifies for the semi-final – the lucky ones who are now called to the stage are Simone – How Will I Know, Chanée & N’evergreenIn A Moment Like This, Silas & KatCome Come Run Away and Bryan RiceBreathing. Most have predicted that song number 1, 4 and 6 would go through so only Silas & Kat comes as a surprise.

They have been paired so that Simone will be up against Chanée & N’evergreen while Silas & Kat will try to beat Bryan Rice.

Felix Smith and Julie Berthelsen now performs a medley of some of Keld Heick’s nine – yes, 9, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix winner songs. It ends with Kirsten & Søren‘s (Hoteyes) Det’ Lige Det’ from 1984. Back then Kirsten pushed Søren in the swimmingpool – this time both Felix and Julie ended up in the water!

The four semi-finalists performs again and through to the final are Chanée & N’evergreen and Bryan Rice.

And the winner who will represent Denmark at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo in May is… Chanee & N’evergreen.


Source: EuroVisionary
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