Chanée & N’evergreen put all focus on Eastern Europe

Chanée & N’evergreen, who will be representing Denmark at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, is on a tour in Eastern Europe. They have deliberately put all their focus on the countries where Tomas already is a well known name, but where Denmark traditionally doesn’t get many points from.

It is only a few weeks ago the Danish duo Chanée & N’evergreen stranded in Russia after having performed at the Russian Music Award. The Icelandic ash crowd forced them to seek other transportation home. Now that it is again possible to fly in Europe the duo is continuing its promotion in order to get more votes which can help them win the Eurovision Song Contest final held in Oslo on the 29th of May.

Currently Chanée & N’evergreen is in Georgia and in next week they will perform in Azerbaijan and Ukraine.The three countries have been picked based on that all of them are in the second semi-final on the 27th of May where also Denmark is and on the fact that Tomas is already a well known name in those countries. The strategy behind this is quite clear: "We want to make sure that we have the East Mafia on our side", Tomas says. Shortly after winning the Danish national final they said something similar and added that if Tomas takes care of the Eastern votes then Chanée will appeal enough to the Western voters to make sure that Denmark is a serious contender to win the 2010 Contest.

Tomas and Chanée were put together for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and didn’t know each other in advance. The many performances in Eastern Europe is therefore also to be seen as practice. "The more we perform together the better it gets", Tomas adds.

The album from Chanée & N’evergreen will be released on the 21st of May – six days before the second semi-final where they will have to secure their spot for the final on the 29th of May.

Source: BT, EuroVisionary
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