The belief is still there for Eva Boto

Day seven of rehearsals began and saw the young Eva Boto on stage at the Crystal Hall.  Her first rehearsal several days ago was a success.  Would she be able to maintain the high standard?

Eva Boto continues to put in a confident and assured display today so a place in the final is highly likely. She is very aware of the cameras and they have been used to good effect, moving around the stage well as the song builds.  It is hard to believe that she is only 16.

They again rehearsed in the outfits they will be wearing next Thursday.  Eva Boto has a long white dress with flower patterns.  Her five backing singers are dressed in different white dresses – some short, some long.  Her backing soloist still has the long white robe she wears until about half way through the song.  It is very reminiscent of Molitva (Serbia 2007) as it indeed has the same writers.

The setting has not changed from the first rehearsal.  It’s still dark with spotlights being used during the song.  The fluttering silk graphic is also still there.  It’s very effective.

This will hit a chord certainly with the juries who are bound to like this sort of well-constructed ballad.  The televoters in parts of Europe will also like this.  It could be argued that there are many ballads from southern Europe in this semi-final – but this is one of the best.

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