Armenia demands more safety guarantees before they will confirm participation in Baku 2012

The tension between Armenia and next year’s host country of the Eurovision Song Contest is not yet settled. The head of ARM TV council, Alexan Harutyunyan, has stormed out by stating "We don’t need Azerbaijan’s half guarantees.". He wants some more solid guarantees before he can confirm his country’s participation. 

Though Azerbaijan and Armenia are geographically neighbours, the relationship between these two countries is certainly not going well neither in politics or in social life with the two countries not recognizing each other on the international
arena. As the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Baku, the
capital city of Azerbaijan, Armenian authorities clearly says that unless they feel
that their safety is completely guaranteed, they won’t be able to confirm their participation next year.

Lastly, the head of ARM TV council, Alexan Harutyunyan declared: "The European Broadcasting Union tries to get all the guarantees from
Azerbaijan that Armenian delegation needs to in order to participate at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.
We told the European Broadcasting Union that we do not need the half
guarantees provided by Azerbaijan, but we need guarantees from European
Broadcasting Union itself,”
he said adding that they are in the stage of
getting those guarantees. He also told that they will get them before the EBU meeting in
Geneva which is to be held on December.   

On Azerbaijan side, they feel they have confirmed the security of the Armenian participant
several times at the EBU reference meetings
, however the Armenian don’t feel confident enough to confirm their participation and wants more than that.  

Source: EuroVisionary,,
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