Anne Herdorf releases cover album

Today, a new album by Anne Herdorf, who represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1987, was released. It is an album with cover versions of Danish Eurovision entries, national final songs and of course a new version of her own entry. Two foreign songs found its way to the album in a Danish version.

The album includes 13 songs where six of them are duets. On the duets she sings a long with well known Danish artists connected to the Eurovision Song Contest. Among these names are Birthe Kjær who finished 3rd in 1989, Keld Heick, who has written several of the Danish entries over the years and Jørgen De Mylius, Danish commentator and national final host through decades.
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1. En lille melodi (Denmark, Eurovision Song Contest 1987)
2. Sikken dejlig dame (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1981)
3. Hva’ du ude på (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1987)
4. Under stjernerne på himlen (Denmark, Eurovision Song Contest 1993)
5. Ud i det blå (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1979)
6. Det’ lige det (Denmark, Eurovision Song Contest 1984)
7. Kloden drejer (Denmark, Eurovision Song Contest 1983)  
8. To lys på et bord feat. Tommy Kenter (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix)
9. Dansevise feat. Jørgen de Mylius (Denmark, Eurovision Song Contest 1963)
10. Skibet skal sejle i nat feat. Dario Campeotto (Denmark, Eurovision Song Contest 1959)
11. Disco Tango feat. Keld Heick (Denmark, Eurovision Song Contest 1979)
12. Unge dag feat. Hilda Heick (Germany, Eurovision Song Contest 1973)
13. La’ det swinge feat. Birthe Kjær (Norway, Eurovision Song Contest 1986)

Source: EuroVisionary
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