Anastasia Petryk to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision

After a long and unusual selection process, ten-year old Anastasia Petryk won last night the Ukrainian national final for the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest that will take place in Amsterdam in December. She will perform the song Nebo (Sky).

The Ukranian national selection started a month ago and 56 artists aged between 10 and 15 took part in the internal selection on the 6th of June. Unfortunately, it suffered from all kinds of breaching of rules, such as artists being younger than 10, songs from citizens from other states not residing in Ukraine, released songs or tracks that were far too long.

The 21 candidates who were chosen to take part in the national final then went off to the children’s summer camp of Artek where they were trained for the competition, getting singing and dance lessons. Alongside their experiences, NTU has aired a series of diaries where the audience could see them rehearsing their songs.

The show was hosted by Timur Miroshnichenko, Liza Arfush, Tatyana Terekhova and Rostislav Todorescu and as guests of the show we could enjoy the performances of Kristall (last year’s Ukraine representative) and Victoria Petryk (2008) among others.

The winner was chosen by an expert jury (composed of Elena Poddubnaya, Vlad Baginskiy, Tatyana Piskaryova, Matias and Walid Arfush) together with the audience.

Anastasia has won several music competitions for children and she is not the first Petryk to represent her country at the Junior contest because her sister Victoria did it in 2008 finishing second with the song Matrosy. They two have become known in their country thanks to their participation in the television show Ukraine Has Talent, reaching as far as the semifinals.

Below, you can see the participants of the competition in the same running order of the show:

1. Anna KartashovaMiy Litak (My Plane)
2. Tetyana MyzaMiy Droug (My Friend)
3. Irina EbralidzeNamalyuy (Paint)
4. Tetyana MarchukDavaytye Vsi Razom (Let’s Altogether)
5. Polina AndreyevaMriyi U Tvoih Rukah (Dreams In Your Hands)
6. ExSportize Vechirka (Party)
7. Tetyana GulykOy, Zagray, Skrypalyu, Molodesenkiy (Oh, Play Young Violinist)
8. Anastasia BaranovskaMama (Mother)
9. Kapriz-Juniors Kosmo-Dity (Cosmo-Kids)
10. Sofiya TarasovaZhyttevyi Pazl (Puzzle Of Life)
11. Inna PrichepiyTobi (For You)
12. Elena Gregori Z Nyh Kozhen (Every Of Them)
13. Solomiya KaterynchukMavka (Dryad)
14. Anna PriymakPosmihnis (Smile)
15. Elena GernegaSchastya Poruch (Happiness Is Near)
16. Anastasia PetrykNebo (Sky)
17. Tetyana Shevchuk Rozhevi Okulyary (Pink Glasses)
18. Nikita KiosseIkar (Icarus)
19. Akva-BrandPershe Kohannya (First Love)
20. Radiosimya Radiosimya (Radiofamily)
21. Victoria KobzarVid Sertsya Do Sertsya (From Heart To Heart)

Below you can watch Anastasia’s winning performance:

Source:,, EuroVisionary
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