Alexander Rybak Returns to Eurovision!

Not content with winning the whole shebang in 2009 with a landslide victory, former winner Alexander Rybak will also be present in Düsseldorf this year, albeit on the other side of the stage. The young artist has been drafted in by NRK as a kind of roving reporter this year to follow Stella and her entry Haba Haba.

Alexander will of course not only be focusing on how Stella fares in Germany, he will also be covering the other participating countries, as an internet reporter for The young artist seems to have mixed feelings about the job that lies ahead of him, as he almost shudders at the thought: "I’ll have to start getting interested in fashion and outfits and stuff as quick as possible, these elements are crucial at Eurovision". He goes on further to explain what he find the most interesting aspect of his involvement this year: "As an artist, you can say and do however you please, but as a reporter, I’ll be representing my employer. I think I’ll have something rather special to contribute with as a reporter this year, as I’ve stood on the stage myself and know maybe a little more about what I should ask about than other reporters", he explains.

When asked whether or not he’s afraid that pushy fans and journalists will prevent him from doing his work, he had this to say: "I’ll use my status to my advantage. If people flock around the interview I’m doing, I’ll aks them for their opinion, ask people to raise their hand if they think she has a nice dress or if the song will win", he enthuses.

As a previous competitior in the contest, he also has first hand knowledge of how it feels to be constantly asked the same question repeatedly. "I’m dreading the artists who become annoyed. Journalists often pose the same banal questions over and over again. I’m afraid of falling into the same trap. But I really hope that I can come up with some questions that manage to catch the interviewee off guard", he quips to  

Source:, Eurovisionary
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