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After the premiere of the film version of the musical Mamma Mia ABBA is back on the charts. Not only is the soundtrack a best seller, but also ABBA’s greatest hits album, Gold, that includes the original ABBA songs is once again selling well around Europe.

On the UK album top 100 ABBA’s Gold album is now in first position after being #2 last week. The soundtrack to the Mamma Mia film has dropped 4 places to this week’s #24. As #58 we find yet another ABBA greatest hits album, 18 hits, which was number 54 last week.
In the Netherlands the Mamma Mia soundtrack is currently #7 on the album top 100. It has gained one place from last week’s 8th position and has now had four weeks on the charts. ABBA Gold is for the second week in a row back on the list and has made a big jump from last week’s #45 to this week’s number 16.

On the German album top 100 the Mamma Mia soundtrack is this week’s number 4 while the greatest hits album Gold is at a #43 position.

Last week the Mamma Mia soundtrack went straight into a first position on the Austrian album top 75, a place it has managed to keep. ABBA’s Gold album is for the second week in a row #30 after a total of 67 weeks on the charts!

In Finland the soundtrack for the Mamma Mia film is also in first position after a total of 3 weeks on the album top 40, but different to many other countries the film release has not been followed by a revival of the ABBA Gold album.

The soundtrack is on another first position in Norway on the album top 40 with a total of three weeks on the charts here. ABBA’s Gold album is currently #13 after having won four places from last week’s number 17. The album has now been on the list for five weeks.

In Denmark the Mamma Mia soundtrack is maintaining its first position after having been on the list for four weeks, but just like in Finland the success for the film soundtrack is not being followed with a similar success for ABBA’s Gold album. It is not among the 40 best selling albums.

In home country Sweden ABBA’s Gold album is now back on the album top 60 in a 37th position. In total the album has been 77 weeks on the Swedish charts. Sweden has a separate list for the compilation albums and it is here we find the Mamma Mia soundtrack. It is still in first position after 5 weeks on the top 20.

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Source: Various charts, EuroVisionary
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