Aalborg opens for two weeks of Melodi Grand Prix celebration

Tomorrow, Saturday, Aalborg kicks off for two weeks of Grand Prix fun. The next two weeks various events all around the city will celebrate the Melodi Grand Prix. On the 21st the city will host the Danish final – and one week later the junior final. 

The past few years, the Danish broadcaster, DR, has operated with so-called Grand Prix-cities instead of just a host city. It means that the whole city gets engaged in the event and that the celebration of it will last more than just the day of the actual show.

This year the North Jutlandic city Aalborg is "Grand Prix by". The city is Denmark’s 4th largest and has hosted the national final three times before; in 1992, in 2006 and in 2008.

Aalborg kicks off the events sourounding the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix tomorrow with the largest Grand Prix choir where more than 1100 choir singers from all over North Jutland will meet for a concert lasting an hour and after that they will go around in the city entertaining people on the streets and in the stores with Grand Prix songs. 

The schedule for the next two weeks:

Grand Prix choir
: A choir consisting of more than 1100 people will give a Grand Prix concert and afterwards perform in smaller groups all around the city. The concert is at Saturday the 14th at 11:00 AM at Aalborg hallen. DR

Outdoor Grand Prix skating
: The public open outdoor skating lane will be playing Grand Prix hits all through the period from the 14th to the 28th – and a Grand Prix quiz will be available there as well. 

Grand Prix cocktail: The 4 bars; Andy’s, Café Vesterå, LA Bar and Le Bar Bat, have created their own Grand Prix cocktail, which you can taste up until the 16th. Online there will then be a competition where people vote for the cocktail they liked the most. The winning drink will be served as welcome drink at the official opening reception on Thursday the 19th.   

DMGP Offbeat: 12 bands, representing each their rock genre like metal, punk, rock’n’roll and symphonic, will each play a well known Grand Prix song plus to songs of own catalouge. The concerts takes place Friday the 20th at 19:30 at Rock Nielsen and Das Bierbar.    

Grand Prix painting
: The participating singers will together make a painting, which will later be sold by DR’s radio station P4 and go to chairty. The singers will arrive at Sallings Glashus on Saturday the 21st, where it will take place, at 11:30 AM, in special Grand Prix decorated cars.  

Look a Like Grand Prix: A competition where children under the age of 16 can perform miming to a Grand Prix song of own choice. There will be space for 10 participants and last day for signing up is the 14th. The competition takes place at the main library, Aalborg Hovedbiblotek, Saturday the 21st at 11:00 AM. The library will also be celebrating with various exerbitions, films and of course Grand Prix music.

Grand Prix Beer Walk: Up until Sunday the 22nd you can try a Grand Prix Beer walk, where you get a special glass and then go around to six bars where they will serve you a special Grand Prix beer. A competition has been put into it where Ole Tøpholm, Danish 2011 commentator, will ask questions about Grand Prix.

Aside from these events various stores in Aalborg will display two large figures of Louise Wolff and Emil Thorup, the hosts of the 2012 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. The stores having these figures will have various Grand Prix offers and entertainment to offer their customers. Don’t forget to check up on EuroVisionary’s coverage from Aalborg and the Danish final.

The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix takes place on Saturday the 21st and the week later, the 28th, the Danish junior final MGP takes place at the same stage. Both days the busses in Aalborg will be driving around with flags to mark the event. 

Source: Grandprixiaalborg, EuroVisionary
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