Elnur and Samir talk to EuroVisionary

While in Andorra on their promotion tour Elnur and Samir took some time to answer a few questions for us. They are touring a lot to try and ensure a good result for the country’s debut entry.

You will be the first Azerbaijani participant at Eurovision. Do you feel any pressure because of that?
Elnur: Of course we are pressured. The responsibility that’s laid upon us is unbelievably high. We represent more than a new Eurovision country, we represent a nation, a culture and the people that trust in us.
Moreover we represent the idea of the song – Day after Day struggle between Good and Evil. But I guess there’s a special question for this.

Was there a discussion about the language of the song in Azerbaijan? Were you critised for not singing in Azeri language in your country?
Samir: Well we were not. Actually that was the right decision I think.
We have the idea, and our mission is to make it popular. It’s even not about Eurovision. We believe in what we’re singing and we want everyone to understand and to believe in it. The most simple way to do this is to make  English lyrics.

What do you think you will indicate to Europe with your song in the name of presenting Azerbaijan and Azeri culture? Do you also feel you should advertise your country that is not much known in Europe?
We think that Azerbaijan is not well-known and at least we will make it recognizable of course. We think that there are ethnic elements that represent our country and the feelings that we usually operate to judge something, the world view of our nation.

In your song we see a dialogue between evil and good. And that’s a subject that was used in much literature in the world. What inspired you to use this kind of dialogue?
Elnur: We are not too much in world literature, but I can definitely say that it was natural decision. Being old friends we both were dreaming to perform once on stage playing Devil and Angel respectively. We wanted to express ourselves in these roles. I don’t know how it can be, but this idea won hearts of many people in Azerbaijan at Eurovision National Selection. Hope it will win even more in Europe.

And finally what would you like to say to the members of EuroVisionary.com?
Hey EuroVisionary! Are you still there? We will come to you. Soon or later. Trust us. Trust in Love and Good. Look inside yourself.

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