Eurovision 2021: First semi-final Jury show (with predictions)

Tomorrow evening, we’ll know the ten lucky qualifiers from the first semi-final. Half the votes were however cast already tonight when the juries were watching and voting. Which ten acts will we see again in the final on Saturday?

It’s happening! After last year’s cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest, and the struggles we see some countries still having with the pandemic, it’s such a relief that this year, we will have a winner. Before we get to that part on Saturday, two semi-finals have to take place first.

Tomorrow evening, in the first semi-final 16 acts will compete for ten spots in the final. However, they were already competing tonight. This evening, the jury show took place, and as such half the votes to determine the outcome of this semi-final have just come in.

We asked people watching tonight’s jury show who they believe will qualify from the first semi-final. Their own personal references were irrelevant, it was just which ten they believe will qualify.

Note: In tonight’s jury show, there were some sound issues on Romania, Ukraine and Malta. All three acts performed once again after Malta as last country had been on. Statement from EBU below:

“Due to issues with the in-ear monitoring during the performances of Malta, Romania and Ukraine at the 2nd Dress Rehearsal for Semi Final 1 on Monday 17 May, in accordance with the rules, all artists were given the chance to perform their songs again for the national juries voting on the show.

The technical issue is being thoroughly investigated ahead of the live broadcast of Semi Final 1 on Tuesday 18 May.”

There were other minor issues too. This was a lot of technical issues in a jury show. Let’s hope it gets fixed for tomorrow evening.

Semi-final 1 prediction:

Country 🇩🇰
Lithuania X X X X X X X
Russia X X X X X X X
Sweden X X X X X X
Australia X X
North Macedonia X
Ireland X X
Cyprus X X X X X X X
Norway X X X X X X
Croatia X X X X X
Belgium X X X X X
Israel X X X X
Romania X
Azerbaijan X X X X
Ukraine X X X X X X
Malta X X X X X X X

Tomorrow at 21:00 CEST, the live show for the first semi-final of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will take place. TV viewers in the 16 participating countries + Italy, Germany and host country The Netherlands will vote. Their votes will be added to the ones from the juries tonight. Near the end of the show, the ten lucky qualifiers will be announced.

On Wednesday evening at 21:00 CEST, the jury show for the second semi-final will take place. Thursday evening, the live show will be held, and we’ll get to know the last ten qualifiers for the final.

Friday evening, the juries will be voting once again. This time for the final – and as such the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest winner. Their votes will be announced during the live show on Saturday together with the ones from TV viewers. When all points have been combined and announced, we can crown the winner, and welcome the host country for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

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