Eurovision 2021 Day 6: Rehearsals from Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Spain

Today, we finally get to see the first rehearsals from the pre-qualified countries. For the first time in many years, we actually have two of them in the top 5 to win, according to the bookmakers. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from them.

All 16 acts from the first semi-final – and half of the 17 acts from the second semi-final have all rehearsed twice. But for the pre-qualified countries; the so-called Big 5 plus host country the Netherlands were yet to take the stage and reveal what kind of performance they are planning.

Let’s check out the rehearsals from these six countries. The article is being updated during each rehearsal so remember to come back or refresh to catch the latest news.

Contrary to other years, this time, the first run through of each rehearsal was closed. This is the one where they test vocals. After that, each country had two rounds which were available for the press to watch.

Italy: Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni

Damiano was up front on stage strutting around as only a charismatic lead singer can do, wearing only silver trousers and a leather belt around his shoulders.

Victoria was to the right of him, and the other guitarist, Thomas to the left. Drummer Ethan was on a raised platform behind the singer, and between the guitarists. Lights on the drummer’s platform kept changing colours. Silhouettes of the band were on the stage wall. At one time, the lights turned the whole stage turned a blood red colour.

For a rock number, of course all the spotlights were flashing off and on furiously. The sound wasn’t as clear as could be expected, but that has to be an issue with the screen, rather than the band. A real rock concert in progress. At the end an explosion of fireworks lit up the stage.

You can see photos of Italy’s first rehersal at You can watch a clip of Måneskin’s rehearsal below.

Germany: Jendrik – I Don’t Feel Hate

The middle finger has arrived. Jendrik is dressed in a black T-shirt with a chain that says annoying on it. He is also wearing blue trousers and white shoes.

Colour is the theme here, with the background full of the paint ball splashes from his promotional video. Three lady instrumentalists join him, dressed all in white, but with different coloured streaks running through. They’re supposedly playing their brass instruments, a trumpet, a trombone and a saxophone. The stage floor changes colour into black and white checks, and the whole package reeks of a really good time.

Jendrik is his usual energetic self, though reviewing 39 dress rehearsals would surely wear him down, Some clever choreographed dancing takes place, and tele viewers at home will surely love the whole performance.

You can see photo’s of Germany’s rehearsal at You can watch a clip of Jendrik’s rehearsal below.

The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – Birth Of A New Age

Jeangu is wearing a bright blue costume which was Indian inspired and designed by Lissa Brandon and Silvy ten Broeke. His dancers and singers are wearing costumes of Creole, Surinamese and Marron origin. The first verse sees the You Can’t Break Me lyrics displayed on the big screen, all in grey. By the next verse they can be seen in bright colours of the Caribbean palette.

There is a close up shot of Jeangu and his singers at the start of the performance, which looks really effective. There are images of inclement weather on the screen at the back. This breaks into a golden sun.

Jeangu makes good use of the platform stage, where one of his dancers, dances solo for a while, but the singers all join him there, for the last chorus.

You can see photos of The Netherland’s rehearsals at You can watch a clip of Jeangu’s rehearsal in the video below.

France: Barbara Pravi – Voilà

So Barbara kept us waiting an age, supposedly as they set up something spectacular on stage. But wait, it was practically the same staging, as in the French National Final. A dark moody scenario with the spotlight shining directly on Barbra, as if she’s performing in a dark nightclub in Paris.

Vocally superb, while Barbara basically sttod there and sang her chanson. The vocal acrobatics towards the end are very impressive.

You can see photos of France’s rehearsals at You can watch a clip of Barbara’s rehearsal in the video below.

United Kingdom: James Newman – Embers

James is standing on a black circular platform. He has two giant trumpets at either side. Four musicians are on stage, all in white, complete with instruments which of course they’re not playing. That means all the backing vocals are recorded too. James is wearing the coat from the promotional video.

After a verse and chorus, James steps down from the stage and introduces what may be a new Eurovision dance, with his group. The staging is primarily red and gold, with a glowing sun on the screen, though no fire in the first rehearsal. Perhaps that is coming.

 You can see photos of the United Kingdom’s rehearsals at You can watch a clip of James’s rehearsal below.

Spain: Blas Cantó – Voy A Quedarme

Blas starts out with no music for the first few lines, so that means the music needs to come in precisely. Then comes the next shock, Blas has now added a disco beat to the song – what on earth.

The song then resumes to the tempo we all know. Blas is standing under a huge moon, is he the only one this year?  However, by the end of the song, the moon has become Mars. He throws in the high notes but sort of misses the highest one – only rehearsals, nothing to worry about yet.

You can see photos of Spains rehearsals at You can watch a clip from Blas’s rehearsal in the video below.

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