Eurovision 2016 Day 7: Second rehearsals from Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom

Today saw the second rehearsals of host Sweden and the big five countries automatically qualified, for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 which will be held on May 14th.

First up comes Sweden.

Sweden: Frans – If I Were Sorry

This years Swedish entry is the entire opposite of last years extravaganza, in that it is so simple. Frans stands at the microphone and he is seen on the right and then the left of the screen, with a totally black background. Blue lights shine through the darkness.

A wall of yellow lights come on behind him, and he continues,microphone really close to his mouth, effortlessly just singing, in his light brown suede jacket and white T-shirt.

Several key words from the lyrics are flashed on in the background.

Towards the end he walks forward on the stage which by this time is totally blue except for the glistening yellow lights behind him.

France: Amir – J’ai Cherché

France needed a good rehearsal after the first one, which was held on May 6th. Amir, like Frans is also in a white T-shirt and jacket. His suit looks like it is dark purple and he has white sneakers on.

There are blue lights on the wall in the background, and the whole feel is that it takes place in outer space. Planets surge forward and the stage  lights to look like stars and a galaxy. At times Amir seems as if he is lost and floating in another universe.

Again though, the stage is mainly blue, with pink spotlights flashing behind him. There are no backing singers on the stage with him. Amir  stands at the front of the stage at the end of the song with the stage lights flashing behind him.

Spain: Barei – Say Yay!

Barei is dressed in a new golden flashy dress but with the same sneakers. She still has the four backing singers with the cheer leader type costumes.

Spotlights flash down on Barei at the start and a blue triangle appears on the floor, in which most of the action takes place. The four backing singers need to have their volume turned up. They have some hand gestures.

The spin and falling gimmick is still being used but the lights go out now too, as if everything has gone wrong. However Barei recovers from the floor, and continues with the Eurovision 2016 dance moves of the year.

Back to the token blue stage for more singing and dancing, she finishes at the front of the stage where some mirror technology is used, so you can see double Barei’s.

Germany: Jamie-Lee – Ghost

The full moon ascends and finds Jamie Lee still dressed in every trinket she can find around her house. There are green strobe lights piercing out from the six dark deciduous trees, and the colour is all behind in the pink and blue background.

A purple light illuminates the floor as Jamie Lee walks forward and the powder blue tutu is seen for the first time. Jamie Lee stands motionless on the stage accompanied by four uninterested looking females dressed in black cloaks, totally in contrast to Jamie Lee’s bright colours.

Smoke ascends from the stage towards the end and Jamie Lee exits via the runway and climbs the steps to the satellite stage at the front, to finish the song.

Italy: Francesca Michielin – No Degree Of Separation

This has to be one of the most under the radar songs of the year. Francesca, dressed now in a black jump suit, stands in her plot of grass with the flowers, birds, balloons, fruit and vegetables hanging on poles all around her. Doodles are etched onto the screen at random moments.

The lighting in the background changes from green to blue, representing the sky. The tree in the background grows more leaves as the song continues and is brightened by yellow lights. There are coloured ribbons hanging from her microphone.

The song is all about nature and planting new seeds to keep life thriving and comes across so on stage. Francesca does not move around the stage but sells the song well, ending by offering an apple ready to plant again.

United Kingdom: Joe and Jake – You’re Not Alone

Starting dark, Joe appears holding the microphone to sing the first verse. Jake joins in with his guitar and then the blue and pink flashlights appear. Both are wearing leather jackets so we can take it they’ll just wear what they fancy on the final evening.

The two drummers are on raised platforms which are bellowing out the pink and blue lights.Joe and Jake stand side by side. Selfie pictures are displayed on the floor and walls and the intention is to involve the audience somehow on the final evening.

The pink and blue lights engulf the stage floor and the pair just continue to sing. At the end Jake loses the guitar and the pair do some bopping along to the song, ending by Joe putting his arm around Jake in celebration of it ending.


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