EMA 2017: Slovenia’s adventure continues with the second Semi Final

Yesterday, Slovenia selected the first finalists for their national final. Among the qualifiers, we have Omar Naber, a former representative of Slovenia. Tonight was the second semi final and some artists have already taken part in the selection. In the end, another four songs managed to qualify for the final on the 24th of February.

Following their search for the Slovenian entry, this semi final saw another four artists qualified. Indeed, the process was the same as the first semi final. As a reminder, two chosen by the public voting and two by the juries.

The Songs

Clemens – Tok Ti Sede

The song of Clemens is in Slovenian. it is an uptempo song with catchy rhythm. His vocals are simple but efficient to please the audience. The staging was quite simple with some red lights and just him on stage dancing with some dancers and singing.

Raiven – Zazarim

Raiven was competing in last year edition of EMA. She finished second after ManuElla in the superfinal. She enters the competition again with another mystical song. A slow and powerful song when chorus arrives. The staging was mystical and very calm at the beginning when she played the harp.

Kataya & Duncan Kamakana – Are You There ?

The duet has a ballad song reminding a Disney world. The harmony is good and can deliver a good show. The staging was colored with orange and blue lights. She was dressed in a pretty blue dress and had a great vocals contrary to her partner.

BQL – Heart Of Gold

Maraaya are very present this year. Indeed, after the songs they composed in the first semi final, BQL is managed by them. This song begins slowly but is catchy right after the first note of the chorus. On the stage, one is doing piano and singing and the other one playing guitar. The vocals were great but less impressive than some others.

Ina Shai – Colour Me

The song is another ballad with a sweet beautiful voice by Ina. The song began with a close up of her face and then we discovered a beautiful white dress with feathers on her shoulders. she was surrounded by white lights and also yellow lights. Her live vocals were on point and very powerful.

United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko – Heart To Heart

The featured singer Alex Volasko, already competed in solo in EMA 2012 but did not qualify in this year’s edition. This is a modern song with electro elements. It is catchy and makes you want to dance. The staging was weird with some human pandas dancing on the stage. The song was well performed but expected something else in the chorus, not just an electro part.

Tim Kores Koni – Open Fire

Tim Kores also had experienced of EMA in the past. He already competed in EMA 2015. It sounds a bit dated but still enjoyable with a deep voice and great performance. The staging was about flames and had some screen effects as Mans or Sergey Lazarev last year. The vocals were great.

Nuska Drascek – Flower In The Snow

Nuska made her come back in th competition. In the past, she already competed in 2006 and 2009 in the Slovenian selection. The song seems to have to part, a slowly one and a more energetic one with a powerful chorus as well. On stage it was very simple and very dated. It delivers not so much emotions.

The Show

As last night show, the opening act was the same as yesterday. Meaning, a song sang by the hosts about the national selection in Slovenia : EMA.

The hosts of the show tonight are the same as yesterday, Maja Martina Merljak, Tina Gorenjak and Tanja Kocman. Mario Galunic is the man who explained how to vote and presented the participants in the beginning.

After a commercial break, the hosts sang sample of some songs but without remembering the lyrics. Of course, it was a joke act and it was pleasant to have some comedy in a contest.

The hosts were singing an emotional ballad song in Slovenian while the audience waited the results. After a second recap, Samuel Lucas performed the well-known Irish song from Johnny Logan, Hold Me Now.

After all participants performed, the recap appeared and then we knew the qualifiers from this semi final. Only four of them managed to qualify. You can see the results down below.

The Results

This is the results from the second semi final of EMA 2017 in Slovenia.

Draw Artist Song Results
01 Clemens Tok Ti Sede  Eliminated
02 Raiven Zazarim  Qualified
03 Kataya & Duncan Kamakana Are You There  Eliminated
04 BQL Heart Of Gold  Qualified
05 Ina Shai Color Me  Eliminated
06 United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko Heart To Heart  Eliminated
07 Tim Kores Open Fire  Qualified
08 Nuska Drascek Flower In The Snow  Qualified

Slovenia in Eurovision Song Contest

The country participated for the first time in 1993, thanks to the pre-qualifying round and where they finished first. In the final of 1993, they ended up in the 22nd place.

Yet, Slovenia never won the contest and struggle to have good rankings. For instance, the country managed to be in the top 10 three times since their debut. The most recent one was in 2001 with the song Energy performed by Nusa Derenda.

Last year, Slovenia selected ManuElla and her song Blue And Red in Stockholm. She performed in the Second Semi Final and did not qualify for the Final. She placed 14th with 57 points.

Source: RTVSLO, EuroVisionary
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