Despite 20 percent financial cuts, Denmark goes big for national selection

On the 23rd of February, Denmark will select its 2019 Eurovision participants. Boxen in Herning will host the big national final. This comes after some tough months for the broadcaster.

Danish broadcaster, DR, has recently been through some tough times. A majority of politicians insisted on cutting down the funds to the national broadcaster with 20%. As DR is not allowed to bring in advertising sponsors, this has influenced many programmes which are simply closing down, and many of their journalists and TV hosts have been fired.

As the announcement of next year’s Danish final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix came very late, fans were worried that the big cuts would influence the final to such a degree that the popular show would just be hosted in a TV show in Copenhagen with a small audience. Today, we know that it is not the case.

Boxen in Herning will host next year’s Danish Melodi Grand Prix final. The large arena can host more than 10,000 seating audience, so everyone interested in a ticket, should be able to get one. Four times before has Herning hosted the Danish final, in 2001, 2009, 2013 and 2017. Boxen also submitted a bit for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, but lost out to Copenhagen due to the lack of hotel rooms in the actual city.

Tickets will go on sale via DR’s own ticketsale in just three days, Friday the 26th of October 2018 at 12:00 CET.

Jutland to host for the 5th year in a row

With Herning as host city, the Danish mainland Jutland holds on to the Danish final for the 5th year in row with Herning and Aalborg as the preferred locations. This is something in particular fans from Copenhagen have been complaining about, but as so many other things takes place in the capital, one can argue, that it’s only fair to use Jutland for the Danish final. The press conference introducing the participants has also been taking place in Copenhagen each time the show has been in Jutland.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix host cities since 2009:

Year Host city Winner
2019 Herning
2018 Aalborg Rasmussen
2017 Herning Anja Nissen
2016 Horsens Lighthouse X
2015 Aalborg Anti Social Media
2014 Odense Basim
2013 Herning Emmelie de Forest
2012 Aalborg Soluna Samay
2011 Ballerup (Copenhagen area) A Friend in London
2010 Aalborg Chanée & N’evergreen
2009 Herning Brinck

Last time Herning hosted the Danish final, the country selected Anja Nissen to represent them. In the video below, take a look at her acapella versions of Where I Am and her 2016 national final entry Never Alone.

According to the rules, each song should include a Danish citizen, or one with strong connection to Denmark. This can be a composer, a lyricist or the performer. The other contributors to the song can be from anywhere in the world.

The language of the song is free, both for the Danish final and for the Eurovision Song Contest, but it is mentioned in the rules that it will be decided in collaboration with the broadcaster. In recent years, the national final has included one song in Danish.

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