Denmark: Rasmussen – Higher Ground (Rehearsals, video, interview and gallery)

The viking era continued during Rasmussen’s second rehearsal on stage. The staging of the entry is almost the same, as it was in the Danish national final, but now it stands out even stronger.

Denmark is competing in the second semi-final in position number five. The country is represented by Rasmussen and his Viking song Higher Ground, which is written by Niclas Arn and Karl Eurén.

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Second Rehearsal

Pedro, Portugal (from the arena) The performance works so well live. The choreography looks great as the sync is perfect and the audience is never bored, even if it’s not a favourite. The outfits are also another perfect factor for the performance. After the first chorus, the mood of the performance is even elevated higher due to the game of lights that goes on. While I love the song  and the performance, I think it may reach only to a very specific audience and may not qualify which is sad.

Jens Erik, Denmark (from the arena) It’s epic and this Viking anthem really gives you goosebumps, when you are standing in the arena. It’s very emotional and Rasmussen and his Vikings do take the whole arena. It goes straight to the heart – at least it goes straight to my heart – and even though Vikings are known for their brutality and raids, Rasmussen is capable of delivering the peaceful message that arrows must be frozen in the air and a conflict must be solved with words. It would be one of the biggest surprises of Eurovision 2018, if Rasmussen doesn’t qualify.

Michael, United Kingdom (in press centre) Another one that is very dark on the stage. This has a very sing along anthemic melody and the grunting between the verses, is the best bit of the song. The stomping is annoying, Rasmussen looks uncomfortable with it. Nonetheless this is a good entry for Denmark, which should see them getting into the final at least. If its drawn in the first half, its dead in the water like so many Vikings from the past.

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First rehearsal

Fifth country to rehearse on the third day of rehearsals is Denmark. And you must prepare yourself for a viking raid. Rasmussen and his vikings are ready to conquer Lisbon and Eurovision.

It starts like an epic viking anthem and just continues dark, blue and mysterious. Two viking ships on stage, Rasmussen and his vikings standing and marching in the storm, waving a big white banner etc. Just like we saw in the Danish national final a few months ago. Very few changes have been made, however, Rasmussen is styled even more like a viking than he was in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Big hair and a big beard.

Rasmussen and his fellow vikings did deliver a great rehearsal, but some technical issues need to be sorted out. The snow didn’t come in his face like a blizzard, which is probably the intention.

All in all, a promising performance that was well received by journalists and fans at the press centre.

How Rasmussen was selected

A national final, Melodi Grand Prix, took place on the 10th of February. 10 acts competed for the honour of representing Denmark at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Three songs qualified for the super-final where a combination of jury and televoting gave Rasmussen the victory with 50% of the votes. 2014

Austria’s 2014 winner Conchita appeared as guest act in the show, which was hosted by Lighthouse X’s (Denmark 2016) Johannes Nymark and Annette Heick.

Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest

In recent years, the Danish fans haven’t had much to cheer for. The country failed to reach the final in 2015 and 2016, and last year Anja’s Where I Am scored below expectations with a 20th place.

Before the 2015 failure by Anti Social Media, Denmark had qualified for the final seven years in a row and three times secured a top 5 result including their 2013 Only Teardrops victory.

The country had a long absence of 12 years before they re-joined the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978, and they have been faithful ever since, although it has been reported several times that they were close to pulling out again in 2000. Whether it was faith, God, or a big coincidence, things played out so well that Denmark won with Olsen Brothers and their Fly On The Wings Of Love, and of course, all talk about a possible withdrawal vanished, and have not been heard in Denmark since.

Denmark has now three Eurovision victories and 15 top 5 positions in its 46 appearances. If these vikings are to keep their heads high, they however need to get back on that track again soon before a negative spiral kicks in.

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