Turkey Made an Interesting Choice

We have entered a new season in the Eurovision Song Contest. This year has already begun to be more interesting than other years. Greece chose Sakis Rouvas, Bulgaria and Malta have already started with National finals. But in Turkey, it was more interesting than others.

After much speculation in the media, TRT – Turkish bradcaster with EBU membership – has finally chosen the Turkish representative for Moscow: Hadise. She has been in the spotlight for the previous 2 years and many journalists wrote about her, even some of them claimed that she would be going to represent Turkey. This was almost the same in Belgium too, she had been linked with Eurovision, especially after she got a Belgian EMA.

As well as Hadise being half Belgian and half Turkish, she already has a place in many European’s hearts. Her albums increased their sales by the hundreds and thousands, selling all around Europe, and she was nominated in the best singers lists, and surely no-one would raise objections against this new voice.

TRT began with a social poll about the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 by asking people who they would send to the next contest, this resulted in Hadise’s victory, which EuroVisionary brought to you before. It was quite obvious from her media interwiews that Hadise’s answer would be positive, while Belgian newspapers and sites were writing about a Belgian representation from Hadise. As a result, TRT and Hadise shook hands for the representation of Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s quite obvious that it was a bit upsetting for Belgian media, but everyone should congratulate her as she behaved very professionally in the Turkish and Belgian media.

According to Hadise’s explanations in the Belgian media, the only reason to reject the Belgian offer was a promise to the Turkish channel. That promise was given some years ago when it asked her about the Eurovision Song Contest and her opinion. 

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